Appointment Policies

Lighten Up Laser Policies

APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION AND NO-SHOWS: All treatment appointments scheduled must be rescheduled or cancelled 24 HOURS prior to the scheduled appointment time, or if you do not show up to your scheduled appointment then Lighten Up Laser reserves the right to charge you $35 per canceled or no-show session. If you have a package, that treatment will be redeemed and lost to you. Lighten Up Laser will make every effort to remind you of your appointment. However, it is your responsibility to make certain Lighten Up Laser has the proper contact information for you. All fees will need to be paid prior to scheduling any future appointments.

Our reminder text messages and e-mails are a courtesy. If, for any reason, you do not receive one, you are still responsible for keeping your appointment.

Packages: You will lose the value of the appointment from your package, this includes all discounted packages. No exceptions.

Cash/Credit Only: A $35 charge will be made on the card that was previously used. If no card is on file no future appointments can be made until that charge is paid in full.

Tardiness: If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, it will be considered a missed appointment and treated as a no-show.

Refund/Exchanges: All sales are final at the point of purchase. You may exchange any purchase within 6 months of the original purchase date. Purchase exchanges may be applied towards the value of any other requested service. No exchanges will be allowed more than 6 months after original purchase date, except for pregnancy and medical illness. The exchange value will be calculated by subtracting the pro-rated value of all services rendered from the purchase amount.

CHILDREN: Due to the nature of business at Lighten Up Laser, children under the age of 13 will not be allowed in the laser treatment room for any reason. If you bring young children to a laser appointment, you will need to reschedule and pay a $35 late cancellation fee.

Lighten Up Laser may have promotional offers, sales, and/or specials. Special pricing at the time of purchase will prevail and will not be adjusted, credited or refunded to reflect any new pricing that may be available after your original purchase. All cancellation policies, fees and exchanges will apply to purchases, including sales, specials and promotions.


Lighten Up Laser reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for reasons management deems appropriate. Lighten Up Laser also reserves the right to change or modify the terms of this agreement without notice.

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