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Photofacial/IPL questions answered

Laser Rejuvenation for skin in PhoenixPhotofacial/IPLSkin Care | August 9, 2018

Photofacial/IPL Information¬† IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Photo Facial is a popular, minimal downtime treatment for the correction of pigment changes and redness associated with facial flushing and rosacea. IPL works by using light energy from a combination of wavelengths to penetrate the dermis while leaving the epidermis (outside layer of skin) untouched.¬†There is no damage …

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Professional skin care products vs over the counter products.

Skin Care |

Not all skin care products are created equal. The impact of the results you get will be based largely on the quality of the product you use. Over-the-counter skin care products have been designed to be safe for most of the masses. For this reason, the concentration of their active ingredients is low to nonexistent. …

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